So Tell Me: Will I Find an Agent on ClaimFame?

Wow, we get this question a lot. It might even be the number one question, so it deserves a clear answer.

The answer is: Only you can get yourself an agent. ClaimFame is an amazing resource that offers casting calls, talent profiles, coaching, and essential advice about succeeding as an actor. Your talent profile is a critical way to represent yourself to the world. It’s important to promote your own talent profile on social media, and it’s certainly possible that you will capture the attention of agents or casting directors through this self-promotion.

But in general, agents do not actively seek out new clients; you need to seek them out. Agents are in great demand, and they tend to take on clients who have considerable experience. To gain their attention, you need to gain experience, develop industry connections,, and actively pitch for representation. Agents generally don’t surf the Web looking for new talent. They want you to come to them.

So if you want an agent, do you really need ClaimFame? Absolutely. Here’s why. Everything you need to start down the path towards getting an agent starts right here. Need parts to gain experience and build a reel? ClaimFame has hundreds of them. Need to talk to someone who knows all about agents? Book a coaching session with ClaimFame’s casting coach. Need to make industry connections? Improve and promote your talent profile to use as your online professional “calling card.”

So we always like to be clear with our members: ClaimFame is not a platform to put you in touch with agents directly. But we believe we offer the best set of professional tools to put you in a position to find one when you’re ready.

Have you had an experience, good or bad, trying to find an agent? We want to hear from you:

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  1. Sharrell

    Hey im a ACTRESS from north Carolina cast me I got a different look


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