Upgrade! Now You Can Email Directly to Casting Directors!

Here at ClaimFame, we have a lot of information on our casting calls. Location, age, character type, look, and much more. But after you’ve reviewed all that information, what you really need is the ability to apply immediately.

Most of the casting calls on ClaimFame allow you to apply by email.  That’s easy enough. But now, we make it even easier. As a ClaimFame Pro, you get full access to application information, and if they’re asking for email submission, you can now email the casting director immediately just by clicking on a link in the “How to Apply” section.

But remember, this feature is available only to ClaimFame Pro members. There are tons of reasons why you should upgrade to Pro, and this is just one more. We really want you to get the parts you deserve, so we’re making sure you have all the tools to make that happen.

PS: Even with direct email submissions, you always need to check the requirements for the part. Please do not apply for parts if you do not fit the description – it’s not a good use of your time … and you don’t want to waste a casting director’s time!

Have you started using our new direct email feature? We want to hear from you!

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