5 Quick Beauty Secrets Every Actress Knows

Sometimes life just slaps us in the face, but our face still has to look beautiful and camera-ready! There are so many factors that could throw you off your game: Your train is late to your audition and you don’t have time to do your makeup when you get there. You’re breaking up with your boyfriend and your eyes have transformed into tired puffballs. It’s raining cats and dogs out there and your hair has taken on a life of its own. You get the point. And you’ve probably been there.

So, what do you do if you’re not at your best, but you still have to fake it til’ you make it?

Here are 5 quick beauty secrets to help you turn your face around no matter what’s going on in your life. Trust me, I speak from experience here…

1. Under-eye concealer + brightener in your bag = a must. A quick under-eye touch up pen in your purse will be your new best friend. HD makes a great one that makes your eyes pop and shine on camera. Not to mention, it will make you appear to have slept soundly the night before..

2. Powder. Blot. Repeat. Enough said. No one wants a shiny, greasy face on-camera! Grab a powder compact and make sure you use it right before the audition or filming begins. This goes for guys too!

3. Pull your hair out of your face. This is SO important and SO overlooked! While it’s great to show off your long, luscious locks, we need to see your face! You’ll be shocked how many subtle emotions translate from your face onto the camera. If your hair is in the way, we could be missing your Oscar-winning performance, or you may not get the callback.

4. Don’t over do it. Ladies, less is more. It’s fine to wear makeup (I recommend the HD line for on-camera), but make it look like you’re NOT wearing it. A tiny bit of mascara, HD concealer, and powder is perfect.

5. Smile. Sounds simple and maybe even a little cheesy, I know, but believe me a smile transforms your face on camera. I’m not saying smile throughout your audition, but at least flash a smile when you’re slating your name into the camera and meeting the Casting Directors. Having a bad day? You’re an actress — fake it and shine on!

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