Here’s How to Score Free Movie Tickets

Here at ClaimFame we’re giddy about the start of spring (even though it’s snowing like crazy here at our New York Headquarters). So we’re celebrating by giving out Five Free Pairs of movie tickets to our amazing members. Why? Just because we love you!

The winners will be the members who create the awesomest profile this weekend. So it’s a double win…an amazing profile and free movie tickets!
So here’s how it works. You don’t have to buy anything to enter. If you already have a ClaimFame account (Free or Pro), just log in and create or update your profile. Make it look awesome!
If you don’t have an account, create one here and upload pictures, videos, whatever you’ve got. It’s super easy, we promise.
On Monday morning (when hopefully it won’t be snowing any more), we’ll review your profiles and pick the best five.
C’mon, you already know you’re the hottest ClaimFame member! So show off your talent on your ClaimFame profile, and then show off your look when you step out to the movies next weekend!

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