5 Unexpected Upsides of a Career Spring Cleaning

It’s officially Spring (even if it’s still hat and glove weather here in NYC!) and it’s time to usher in some new energy this season. With Spring comes the chance to hit the restart button and refresh your career goals, your look, and your overall attitude.

So, maybe you had a rough winter. You didn’t book all the jobs you wanted, pilot season was a flop, the cold weather got your lips all chapped, and you packed on a few pounds. But…who cares? Turn things around today and just keep on going! Take advantage of the changing seasons to focus not only on a physical refresh, but also an energetic clean-up. Visualize what you want.  Keep a daily gratitude journal. Write down specific goals for yourself. Rid yourself of any people or roadblocks that are holding you back.

When you focus on yourself and free yourself up these 5 unexpected things will happen:

1. You will have more time and energy. Sounds obvious, but sometimes when we are going through hard times we feel drained and exhausted. It’s important to treat yourself well and keep your eye on your goals. Soon, you’ll find you have more energy and more time in the day to focus on moving your life forward. And remember, it’s one step at a time. Find that extra 30 minutes to do some yoga poses, to breathe, to relax. It will make all the difference.

2. You will shift your daily focus onto your career goals. When you remove clutter from your mind and from your life, you’ll find your mental and physical spaces are freer to accept clarity. You’re left only with what is right in front of you. You. What do you desire? Get specific about your wants and start taking small, daily actions to get closer to them.

3. You will start to attract success. Once you free yourself up, you’ll be a better actor and start booking more roles. Not only that, but people will pick up on your good energy and want to work with you! No one wants to cast a Debbie Downer (Ok, maybe on SNL.. but only as a comedy skit!).

4. You will be surrounded by the right people. Let’s face it, we need each other in this life. But the challenge comes from picking who to keep and who to let go in your life. When you free up your energy you will inevitably attract the right people — be it a mentor, a Casting Director who thinks you’re perfect for a role, or a friend who casts you in his/her upcoming production. Stay open to all career opportunities and possibilities.

5. You will be happier. When you’re living for you, you will feel lighter, happier, and more fulfilled. Focusing on doing what makes you happy simply makes you happier. We all are born into this world with specific talents. Hone in on those and go for it. Don’t let fears hold you back. When you’re doing what your natural born self is meant to do, the money will flow in. Don’t focus on the result right now. Just follow your heart.

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