New Month, New You: Jumpstart Your Career Today

Happy April ClaimFamers! Let’s make your career blossom today when you apply to get cast in these top ten trending projects:

1. Earn $500 in this JC Penney Promo
2. Get Cast with Dakota Johnson & Rebel Wilson
3. Season 3 of “Fatal Attraction” is Casting Featured Roles
4. Tina Fey’s “Taliban Shuffle” Seeks New Talent
5. New ABC Comedy Needs You
6. Land a Role on Ellen & NBC’s “First Dates”
7. Be the Next Luscious/Cookie on FOX’s “Empire”
8. Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay” is Casting
9. Get Cast with Adam Sandler in this Netflix Feature
10. Casting Featured Roles in Melissa McCarthy Flick

7 Responses to “New Month, New You: Jumpstart Your Career Today”

  1. Manuel

    I’d love for a chance to be in “Empire!” My wife and I watch it and love everything about the show. What must I do to be a part of the show? Reach me at virgomanuel2000@yahoo.com And, thank-you!

  2. Manuel

    Mis. Dungan, I have been trying really hard to get back into acting: I took lessons in college in Hawaii, and I did much extra work in L.V. Only recently, though, did I receive my first leading part in a movie titled “A Sacrifice,” where I play an Italian mob boss. You can guess it is a mafia movie? I am not shape with realizing my career over the internet, and it has been a struggle for me thus far! I moved to Ga. 15 months ago from Al. I actually took lessons on “How to act” from John Casablanca’s Acting Studio!” Yes, I passed…I took acting in college, and my instructor was great! I was the only one, he said, that he ever gave an A+ in his class’s! I felt honored. We did much stage acting…I had been in 76 movies and two commercials in Las Vegas and Texas, over 24 years ago. These computer gadgets are just not my think…! Can you help me, please”? I am 56, most think I am in my early forties or so. I take care of my body and used to be a personal trainer. I am all about health and eating correctly.
    Even though I paid John Casablanca’s for acting lessons, (to get back in the bus.) and am paying my last payment this month, I have not received a job from them! They do send me all the jobs coming, but I just can’t figure the process via computer! Help me? and I’ll do whatever I can to repay you for your assistance? Thank-you! I go my Manny!


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