Here Are Your Top Ten Trending Casting Calls this Thursday:

It’s Thursday before the holiday weekend and that means it’s time to put some work in before you relax! Get started right now by applying to today’s top ten casting calls everyone’s talking about this Spring:

1. Get Cast with Dakota Johnson & Rebel Wilson this Spring
2. Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way” Now Casting
3. Matthew McConaughey’s “Free State of Jones” is Casting
4. NBC’s “Mysteries of Laura” is Casting Today
5. Sony’s “Miracles from Heaven” Casting Featured Roles
6. HBO TV Pilot Now Casting Hipster Types
7. Discovery’s “Homicide Hunter” Casting Featured Roles
8. Open Call for New PBS Show “Mercy Street”
9. Get Cast with Jon Hamm & Zach Galifianakis
10. USA’s “Graceland” Now Casting Season 3

5 Responses to “Here Are Your Top Ten Trending Casting Calls this Thursday:”

  1. Manuel

    I’ve been trying to get back into acting with J. Casablanca’s for the longest time now, or are they now, ClaimFame? I am a qualified actor, but it has been difficult. I recently finished a movie titled “A Sacrifice.” were I play an Italian Mob Boss! I did receive wonderful reviews for my acting abilities. Cast and crew were amazed at one episode that I did. But, the producer in an independent and it takes time to sell the project. Also, I did not want to be in the next movie where it was a sexual movie and. don’t think my woman would have appreciated it! I also took acting in college and was the only person to receive and A+ from our instructor; he told the class that it was the only A+ he had ever given! I was astounded and grateful. Give me a call to help me get into some movies, please, and I will be there, always on time! I have also written two books, each one would make a great movie, one in Hawaii, and the other probably in L.V.? I write poetry and short stories too!

  2. Manuel

    Tyler gave me a whole rundown of how to use this system, but It just does not work for me? Something is amiss…?

  3. Amayapablo

    Manuel. If you have the talent, why don’t you get your info together and present it to a Talent agency? If you are accepted, it will not cost any money to start getting auditions. That is what I believe you should do. There are many talent agencies all over the country depending where you live. If you need any more help, let me know


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