Everything You Need To Know About Martin Scorsese’s New HBO Drama Open Casting Call

Legendary film director and producer, Martin Scorsese is coming to HBO to co-produce a new show with Mick Jagger. Not much is known about the show, other than it takes place in 1970’s New York City, and revolves around a fictional punk band called Nasty Bits, and their record executives. During the height of the Disco era, the show promises to show all the hard partying that was going on in this industry at this time. But, with producers like Scorsese, Jagger, and actors like Olivia Wilde, Bobby Cannavale, and Juno Temple already rounding out the cast, what more do we need to convince us to tune in?

Grant Wilfley Casting in NYC is hosting an open call for the untitled HBO show, “The Untitled Rock & Roll Project.” That’s right, you now have the opportunity to be in a Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger production when you attend this Grant Wilfley Casting open call in NYC.

The project will be filming throughout the summer and fall of 2015, and the open casting call is being held in New York City on April 21st. There is no experience necessary, and the people attending the open call should be ready to have their picture taken.

Open casting calls are awesome because you usually always get cast, which is a huge weight off the shoulders of most actors. From my own personal experience, I loved attending an open casting call. I attended one in 2012 for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and a few weeks later I was cast, and on set getting paid to film, eat, and relax with Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, and Sally Field; just to name a few.

This is an opportunity all members of ClaimFame should not turn down! If you want to be in a Scorsese/Jagger production (I don’t know why you wouldn’t), click here for all the application details, and who knows? Maybe this time next year you’ll be telling everyone stories about the time you had lunch with Martin Scorsese on the set of an HBO drama!

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