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Get Noticed Fast with these Profile Tips:

Hey ClaimFamers! It’s Spring and it’s time to get discovered and spruce up your profile. Ever wonder what your profile is missing, or what you can do to make it just a little bit better? Well in the spirit of Spring cleaning, we’re here to show you what an ideal ClaimFame profile looks like and how you can make yours even better.

A perfect profile has a lot of different qualities. A clear and professional headshot is definitely a must, but more than one is always a plus! Treat your ClaimFame profile like you would your resume! That means it should be neat, clear, up to date, and professional! If you’re still having trouble, why not check out our featured members’ profiles, below?

Brittney Freeman – Talented biracial actress from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Andrel Sheree – Television, film, voiceover and commercial actress from Atlanta, Georgia.

Hunter Larsen – Reality CMT star from Houston, Texas.

Diana Rae – Actress with a glowing personality from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dave Colon – SAG member since 2007 from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

George A. Hambach – Extensively experience actor from Chicago, Illinois.

Erica Becker – Actress, singer, dancer, and entrepreneur based in New York City.

Michael Joseph – Stand up comic from New York, New York, whose been featured on “Gotham.”

Abby Kellogg – Young up and coming actress from Alabama.

Kimberly Ryans – Worldwide Model and Actress from the United States.

Freia Titland – Established and successful, singer, dancer, and actress from New York City.

Take note of how professional and organized their profiles are! Also, notice how diverse their locations are, which goes to show that no matter where you, you can be successful, and ClaimFame is here to help you!

Want to be featured on our featured members page like all these ClaimFame members? Go PRO today, and you can!

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