OMG Let’s Talk: Last Night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Was Insane!

Let me start off by saying this post definitely has *SPOILERS* so if you haven’t seen last night’s episode, or don’t want it ruined for you; you have received your one fair warning!

Last night on episode twenty-one of the 11th season of ABC’s hit show “Grey’s Anatomy,” something happened that still has fans upset today! I don’t want to sugarcoat it, and there’s no reason to cushion the blow, so here it goes…

Last night on “Grey’s,” Doctor Derek Shepard died. No, you did not read that wrong … the same man who survived a shooting, a plane crash, the loss of his best friend, and saved his wife from drowning, was written off last night. Naturally, this has fans going crazy, because Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has been a main character since episode one. We’re first introduced to Derek as the (then still married) love interest of the show’s protagonist, Meredith Grey. And we’ve since followed the two and their relationship for over ten years. Up until the very moment we all watched Meredith say goodbye to the love of her life, and pull the plug.

In the episode titled “How To Save a Life,” Derek starts off perfectly fine. He is witness to a messy car accident, but despite flipped cars, and no cell reception, Derek is able to help all the victims of the crash and have them sent off to a nearby hospital in the back of an ambulance. It’s then, after Derek gets in his car, that he reaches for his vibrating phone, and mid U-turn, is hit by an oncoming 18-wheeler. Derek is taken to the nearest hospital, which, both in staff and interior decoration, lacks in comparison to the perfection that is Grey Sloan Memorial. Unable to speak, Dempsey’s character narrates us through the procedures the negligent doctors should and shouldn’t be doing, all they while claiming, “I’m going to die because these people aren’t properly trained.”

The rest of the episode is too sad to re-live now, but mainly deals with Meredith having to make the decision to pull the plug after Derek is declared brain dead. All the while, Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” is playing, making the episode (if even possible) all the more emotional.

Fans, myself included, were outraged that one of the leading characters of their favorite show was killed off, without any forewarning throughout the season. Granted, Dempsey had taken a backseat this season, as he wasn’t seen in a lot of the episodes, but that doesn’t mean it was leading up to his character’s death! One rumor is that Dempsey’s “diva” behavior on set lead to a feud between him and the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, and ultimately this was Rhimes’ response.

Though we don’t know for sure if there was any bad blood behind the scenes that lead to Dempsey’s departure, it is to be noted that Dempsey signed a two-year contract, just a year ago, which would mean he has another year left. Also, this is the first episode Rhimes has written, herself, since season 8. Both factors do hint at some sort of foul play behind the scenes, rather than “just a natural progression” as Dempsey claims, in an interview with EW, when asked if he was surprised, about hearing his character’s fate.

However, despite being completely heartbroken that “McDreamy” is no more, ClaimFame users can smile about one thing — and that’s the opportunity to be on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Check out our “Grey’s Anatomy” casting call here, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the new “McDreamy” of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital!

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