“House of Cards” Season 4 Open Casting Call

Do you love Netflix’s hit political drama, “House of Cards?” You’re not alone! Netflix has been banging out great shows lately, and “House of Cards” is definitely one of them! Only a good show can take boring everyday political jargon and make it interesting and jammed packed with juicy drama!

As an avid television consumer, I tend to immerse myself into the world of the show I’m watching; to the point where the only thing better than watching a show you love, is actually being in it! Well for ClaimFame PRO members who are diehard fans of “House of Cards” that might actually happen!

Marinella Hume Casting along with “House of Cards” is having an OPEN Casting Call in Baltimore this weekend! More specifically, this Saturday, May 30th. The open casting call is looking for new talent of all types, ages 18+ and invites all! You should be ready to have your picture taken the day of the open call!

If you’re interested in this open casting call and would actually like to attend, click here for all the details, and make sure to stick ClaimFame for all your casting desires.

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