Here’s What Writer, Tavi Gevinson, Can Teach Us!

“On Sunday 31st May, the youth troops and I gathered in the NYC tropics to hear Amy Larocca of New York Magazine, interview Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Mag. They talked about life, fashion and what defines a stupid man.

Tavi Gevinson is a small little lady, who possesses very large talents. She’s an Editor-in-Chief, an actress, a role model and she’s also just finished a stint on New York Broadway show, This is Our Youth. As the crowd broke into hysterics upon hearing Tavi’s first hand stories and anecdotes, I looked round the room of young girls who had come from far and wide just to hear this bob-haired sparkling creature speak, and it all made sense, she is who we all want to be.

On Rookie Mag, she promotes expression through all creative outlets, and has always got a personal story to back the dream up with. From her young, fashion blogging days, she re tells a story of a middle-aged man having a strong opinion on who should be reporting on style, to which she reacted, “a teenager is probably more the demographic for [fashion] than a middle-aged man.” As the audience laughed, she continued, “What a stupid thing to say! Why would a middle-aged man’s opinion on fashion be more relevant than a teenage girl’s? That’s crazy!”

From Tavi we can learn, that speaking our mind, expressing ourselves, and being the women we want to be are not dreams anymore. We can and should be doing fulfilling tasks everyday, no matter how many candles are on our birthday cake.”

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Photo Credit: styleite.com

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