Get Cast Today on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots,” Be on FOX’s “Empire” & More!

Right now casting is underway for Tyler Perry TV, FOX’s “Empire” and tons more. Get cast on film and TV this summer when you apply to parts on ClaimFame right now. Don’t delay — they’re time sensitive!

1. Get Cast on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & the Have Nots”
2. FOX’s “Empire” Casting Today Only¬†
3. Aziz Ansari’s New Netflix Show Casting Featured Role
4. Jamie Foxx’s “Sleepless Nights” Casting Talent
5. Netflix’s “House of Cards” Casting Fit Extras
6. Earn $650 in this Lottery Commercial
7. MTV’s “Awkward” is Now Casting
8. USA’s “Graceland” Casting a Track Scene
9. Amazon’s “Transparent” Open Call
10. Tom Cruise’s “Mena” Casting Today

16 Responses to “Get Cast Today on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots,” Be on FOX’s “Empire” & More!”

  1. Tina Troutman

    Hiiii, I love to be on the haves&havenot , i was in the blindeside,Atl. Movie..

  2. lalo30

    ive never been in anything …im just staight forward searching for a break through

    • Matthew Hughes

      Then you came to the right place! Simply become a PRO member and then apply for whatever part you’d like! Good luck!

  3. Arrien Courtney Powell

    Hi I have always been a huge fan of haves & haavenot since day one I’ve been acting in plays since i was 5 years old I carry on acting during my freshmen year in high school 2008 until i graduated in 2011 I’m 21 years old and still have a passion for acting I’ve always been an inspiring actress i never gave up on my dreams i know that I’m the perfect woman for the job i was born to act its in my blood like second nature to me I’m a very hard working woman I love what i do.

    • Matthew Hughes

      Great! I love the ambition and dedication! Become a PRO member and apply to whichever parts you’d like! Good luck!

  4. Iam a writer and actor I think I would be a great asset to the production team a skilled actor and performer I also make costumes and sew clothes. Just want a chance to use wh as t God gave me

  5. Kelvin Darius Wimbish

    What an incredible opportunity to work with your current staff and to bring my flavor, to this already amazing show.

  6. La'Tasha

    I would be truly honored to apart of an epic show. This show touches a lot if hearts ad influences a lot of people as it touches current issues. Would love to work with you and your staff.


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