Earn $300 and Free Makeover on Camera

Great eyebrows can make the difference between looking messy and looking glamorous. If you’ve ever wanted better eyebrows, this is the opportunity for you.

You get a free makeover, on-camera exposure, and $100 cash + $200 worth of product.

We’re looking for an Actress/Model for instructional video shoot in Los Angeles for an eyebrow company to be used on professional websites and social media sites.

Please submit normal headshots as well as a close-up selfie of your eyes and brows. Brows must be currently overgrown and messy.

The tutorial video shoot will include a full brow makeover based upon your face type. Shoots Sunday, August 2, 2015 and possibly August 3 as well. $200 worth of product and $100.00 for the day.

Send submissions to

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