Celeb Discovery Story: How Jennifer Lawrence Became a Household Name

She’s been declared “The Queen of Tumblr”, “Hollywood’s It Girl” and “The Sexiest Woman In The World,” “Amy Schumer’s BFF”… and those are just a few of the titles┬áJennifer Lawrence has earned!

Jennifer was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, the youngest of three, she grew up a tomboy amongst her two brothers, and was always very theatrical. Not wasting any time, Lawrence knew by 14 that she wanted to act, so she persuaded her parents to take her to New York City to find a talent agent and achieve her dreams!

While on her vacation to New York City with her mom, she was approached by a talent agent who asked if he could take her picture. After that, dozens of agencies started contacting Lawrence.

She broke into the industry in 2007 when she starred as Bill Engvall’s eldest child of three in “The Bill Engvall Show.” Lawrence won a Young Artist Award for her role on that show, and quickly moved on to film.

Shortly into her film career, Lawrence was picking films that were getting noticed and receiving awards. Her big break was in 2010’s “Winter’s Bone”, which landed her, her first of 3 Academy Award Nominations. Since then, Jennifer has won an Oscar, a BAFTA, two Golden Globes, and two SAG Awards; just to name a few.

Jennifer Lawrence is the poster girl for many things, but above all of them, she’s a reminder that even unknown girls in the countryside can make it big in Hollywood. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t; but if you have the talent and the ambition, there’s no doubt that you won’t make it big!

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