How to Break Into the Modeling Industry

Have people always told you that you should be a model? Have you been looking at models in magazines and on billboards, thinking “That should be me”? Are you wondering  where and how to get your foot inside the door of the modeling world? Well, we might have some answers for you!

Did you know that there’s more than one way to break into the modeling industry:

  • Attend a modeling agency’s open casting call. Why wait for a response when you can bring your portfolios and meet with casting agents in person. (see more…)
  • Try out for modeling reality shows like America’s Next Top Model and The Face. Maybe Tyra or Naomi will see that you’re an undiscovered supermodel in the making! (see more…)
  • Become a commercial model! Not only will you be featured in tons of catalogues, calendars, billboards and newspaper ads, but you will paid for your time! Best of all, you don’t need a lot of experience to get cast in a commercial shoot, just an amazing personality! (see more…)
  • Be a promotional model: You can also get plenty of experience and make lasting connections with key industry professionals by being a promotional model at events like trade shows. (see more…)

No matter which path you choose, there’s only way to increase your chances- apply to as many casting calls you can. Here are some of our hottest modeling calls today …. and don’t forget to check out the entire list of ClaimFame modeling calls.


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