Don’t Wait for Payday! Earn over $2,000 with these Commercials:

Did you know that before their Oscars and Emmys, A-listers like Ben Affleck, Steve Carell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mila Kunis all appeared in commercials as spokespeople for companies and products. In fact, acting in commercials can be a great way to get some valuable professional experience, expand your network of contacts and get paid. Booking these commercials is a great way to build up your acting skills as well!

If you are ready to get paid as a working actor this spring, now you can with ClaimFame! We have tons of commercial parts this May, like Castrol and Ace Hardware commercials, and many more! Don’t miss out:

1. Get Cast in $627 Ace Hardware Commercial 
2. $500 Car Commercial Casting Men & Women
3. Upscale Hair Salon Casting Talent for $500 Commercial
4. $300 Pure Springs Commercial Casting Swimmers
5. Rush Call: Paid Mattress Commercial Casting Female Talent
6. Castrol Casting Talent for Featured Roles in Paid Commercial
7. Casting Hair Models Talent for $400 Commercial Event 
8. Blond Models Needed for Paid Editorial Photoshoot
9. Paid Commercial Casting Female Talent 
10. Furniture Brand Casting for Paid Web Commercial

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