How to be an Actor!

Being an actor requires many different skills of all shapes and sizes. You’ll need to be able to identify parts and casting calls you would be good for, learn how to memorize lines, and be able to handle rejection. But how do you really go from aspiring performer to professional actor? Here are some tips and tricks to help you reach your acting dreams!

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  1. Craft your resume and headshot

Acting is different from other professions because you aren’t selling another product or service. You are marketing yourself! It’s important to show your best side, someone people across the country will want to see. The easiest way to do this is to create a great resume and headshot. Your resume should be as simple as possible. Start by writing a chronological list of any performances or projects you have been a part of, no matter how small. Don’t have any performance experience? That’s ok! Look at the skills you do have? Did you do gymnastics at school? Can you rap? Do you know all the U.S. capitals? You never know what might make you stand out from the crowd! Your headshot should simply be a picture of you at your best. Many actors have success getting a photo from a professional photographer. Even if you don’t get the part, you’ll still have the best profile picture on social media! Check out some examples here!

  1. Take a class

While some actors are plucked from the street into stardom, a vast majority have taken some sort of acting class before they make it big. Acting classes are great because they will teach you some of the skills you may not think about when deciding to start acting, like how to analyze a script or how to take a director’s feedback. You will also meet other performers and start networking with other people who can get you jobs later down the road! Some classes like the ones at one-to-one may be taught by actual casting directors, which will help you get called in to audition. While many schools are audition based, there are plenty of theatres and conservatories that offer open classes! Taking a class can be a great investment, and give you a guide to further success in your new career. Check out the Art Career Project for a full list of classes all over the country!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

  1. Audition!

As frustrating as it may be, you can’t just walk onto the set of a movie and start acting. To get parts, you have to audition. Auditions are the job interviews of the performing world, and it’s a chance to meet directors and producers who can help you along your way. Check out ClaimFame’s tips on how to ace your audition for more info on exactly what to do once you’re in the room. Remember, you probably won’t get every part you audition for. But if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never get any! It’s always worth it to audition, and you’ll always learn something that can help you further down the road.


  1. Don’t give up!

Being an actor can be hard. It’s not a career with much stability and it can often feel like the entire industry is against you. It’s important to stay positive and remember why you chose this path! Let your dreams drive you instead of giving you reasons to quit. Keeping a positive attitude will have an enormous impact on how casting directors see you. Think about it, would you rather hire someone who mopes their way into the audition room, or someone who enters confidently with a smile? So even when it feels hard, don’t let the frustration stand in your way!


Anyone can be an actor. There are parts for everyone no matter your gender, race, or physical appearance! While it might seem frustrating sometimes, being an actor can create an incredible sense of satisfaction. Take a look at ClaimFame’s library of casting calls and get started today!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

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