How to Get a Great Headshot!

A great headshot may just be the most important resource you can have as an actor. Your picture is a casting director’s first impression of you, and it can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. But how can you get photos that will get you the jobs you deserve without breaking the bank? ClaimFame is here to tell you how!

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  1. Find a professional photographer

If you want to become a professional actor, you are going to need headshots done by a professional photographer. I know what you’re thinking. “But every device I own has a camera! Why can’t I use that?” It may seem tempting to take your own headshot, but 99% of casting directors will look at an unprofessional photo and throw it in the trash. Google headshot photographers in your area and compare rates. You may be able to get a group discount, or negotiate on price!


  1. Prepare for the shoot

Most photographers will ask you to bring a few outfits to the shoot so you can have a few different looks. Plan these out strategically! Bring a casual outfit, and something a little more upscale. This way, you won’t have to go back and buy a new photo shoot if you audition for something that doesn’t match your headshot. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget your basic hygiene routines. Prepare for your shoot as if you’re going on a first date. Bring your A-game, but don’t go overboard! If you decide to get a haircut, don’t get it right before your shoot so you can give your hair some time to recover. Following those simple tips can make all the difference during your shoot!

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  1. Act Natural!

Getting headshots taken seems like it’s super simple. Just sit in front of a camera and smile? What would be simpler? But many people end up looking unnatural, anxious, or uninterested in their photos! Treat your photoshoot like you’re hanging out with a good friend, and there just happens to be a camera in the room. The more comfortable and natural you look, the more engaging your photo will look! Your photographer should have experience directing subjects, so listen to their advice as well.


  1. Share your photo!

Once you have your new and improved headshot, make sure to spread it around. Upload it to your ClaimFame profile and start earning fans. Post it to all of your social media profiles to make it easier for casting directors and producers to find you after you audition. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get more likes than your friends’ latest car selfie!

A great headshot can make all the difference between landing the part or not. Use these techniques to stand out from the crowd! Once you have your new pictures and have uploaded them to your profile, start browsing our library of casting calls and auditions for your next dream role!

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