How to Be on Reality TV!

In the past few years, reality TV has exploded in popularity. It feels like everyone has a reality show now, from pawn shop owners and swamp dwellers, to brides-to-be and children chefs. Kim Kardashian made over $50 million last year, much of that from the exposure her reality show affords her! Let us here at ClaimFame teach you the ins and outs of reality television so you can start to win like Kim!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!



  1. Know what your hook is.

Reality TV producers are looking for interesting and simple stories that can last for a long time. This usually results in shows based around unusual jobs (Ice Road Truckers, Duck Dynasty), interesting lifestyles (Jon and Kate Plus 8, Little People, Big World) or outrageous personalities (The Real Housewives, Keeping Up with the Kardashians). Figure out what makes you different from everyone else, and really focus in on how you could make that a show.

  1. Apply to casting calls!

In order to become a star, you need to get your foot in the door. Take a look at ClaimFame’s database of reality TV casting calls and see what spots you could fit. Even if you don’t get the gig, you will still be making connections within the reality TV industry that could help you later down the road! Pay attention to the credits of your favorite shows as well, as many have casting and submission info for that particular show.

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!



  1. Be ready to be vulnerable.

It’s no secret that reality TV might not be as true as it says it is. Producers and directors definitely have a hand in crafting some of the more dramatic elements in any given show. What makes it reality instead of scripted in the subject’s response to what’s going on. Being on an unscripted show means that you will need to be open to all of your emotions, and show a side of yourself that isn’t as put together as you hope. Audiences want to see real people doing real things, and sometimes that means shedding a few tears!



There’s no one set path to reality TV stardom. Some reality stars are discovered instantly, while others have to hustle for years to find their start. Don’t give up though! Using ClaimFame’s immense library of unscripted casting calls, you can give yourself a leg up. Start applying today and before you know it, you’ll be brunching with Kim and Khloe!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

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