Serious About Acting? Check out Today’s LEAD Parts

What do George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Brie Larson, and Denzel Washington all have in common? Before becoming award-winning movie stars, they all kicked off their careers in independent movies, music videos, and short films.

Here’s the truth: smaller projects allow the actor to break away from stereotypical roles and to explore more complex characters (showcasing the scope of his/ hers acting abilities).

We know you’re ready for your BIG break! So, take the LEAD in these projects and let Hollywood see how talented you really are:

  1. Independent film “Clyde” is casting actors & actresses for LEAD roles
  2. War-themed indie “Home Sick” casting talent of all backgrounds for LEAD parts
  3. Upcoming film entitled “I Got It Like That” is casting for LEAD roles
  4. Lead roles on Oxygen’s hit TV series “Snapped: Killer Couples”
  5. Feature film “The Secret of the Half Moons” is casting for LEAD talent
  6. Reboot: The Guardian Code” casting teens for LEAD speaking parts
  7. “Fish Sandwich” is looking to cast Asian actors for LEAD parts
  8. Score a LEAD role in the indie horror film “Blood/Lust”
  9. Netflix & HBO Pilot “Darkness in the Valley” casting Lead roles
  10. The short film, “The Hand That Feeds You” casting Hispanic/Latino talent 

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