Ready for Lead Roles? Here They Are!

So you’re ready to start playing lead roles? Think you need an agent or a manager to step into the big leagues? Think again!

If you pick the right projects, you could be front and center before you know it. Today, we have a great selection of indie films, music videos, and online series that are totally within your reach.

We know you’re ready for your BIG break! So, take the LEAD in these projects and let Hollywood see how talented you really are:

  1. Casting lead and supporting roles for an independent comedy with a sci-fi twist, “The Wrong Todd.
  2. New Refinery29 short film entitled “The Tale Of Four” casting for Lead Paid Parts!
  3. Casting female talent for the LEAD ROLE in the new web series “Arched Wing”
  4. An upcoming, untitled as of yet short film casting female talent for Paid LEAD role!
  5. “Phenix,” a crime TV drama pilot, is casting talented actress for the LEAD role!
  6. Hip-Hop artist Jay R3D is casting for female LEAD talent to appear in his music video.
  7. Casting for the LEAD role in the upcoming feature horror film entitled, “Blood/Lust.”

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