Five Models Who Became Famous in Unconventional Ways!

Becoming a model is easier than you think! Thanks to ClaimFame, it’s simple and easy to apply to hundreds of modeling casting calls and auditions. But this isn’t the only way to get discovered. Here’s five famous models who became famous in interesting and unusual ways!



This Canadian model actually got her start in a completely different genre of performing arts. Rocha was approached after competing in an Irish dance competition by a talent scout looking for new models. While she had never thought of becoming a model, she decided to give it a try and is now one of the biggest names in modeling!



Miranda Kerr decided to enter a modeling contest for Dolly Magazine when she was only 13 years old. To her surprise, she won and was flown all the way to Sydney for her first shoot! Today, Kerr is one of the highest paid models in the world, and has modeled numerous times for Victoria’s Secret.

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Cindy Crawford was simply planting corn on a farm in Illinois when a local newspaper photographer snapped her picture, and the rest is history! The reaction to the picture was so overwhelmingly positive that she decided to try modeling professionally, and has made a long and prosperous career in both film and modeling.



Naomi Campbell was originally a dancer as well, and even appeared in Bob Marley’s music video for “Is This Love.” She was able to adapt her love of the camera into a successful modeling career before returning to the screen in a recurring role on the hit show Empire.



Sometimes, becoming a model is as simple as going out to eat. Gisele Bundchen was discovered by a scout while she was eating a Big Mac in a Sao Paulo McDonalds. And who says models have to starve themselves!

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With enough determination, anyone can become a model. We here at ClaimFame want you to succeed, and our collection of auditions is updated every day with new ways to achieve your dreams. We’ll see you on the runway!

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