5 Stars Who Started in Commercials!

It can be annoying when commercials interrupt your favorite shows on TV. But next time your favorite show takes a two-minute break, keep your eyes peeled. You might be seeing the stars of tomorrow! Many actors take commercial jobs to support themselves between larger gigs, and tons of stars made their first on-screen appearances in commercials. Here’s five actors who were first seen selling products during the commercial break.


One of Mila Kunis’ first gigs as an actor was in a Lisa Frank commercial as a child. It’s pretty unusual to see this star from That 70’s Show and Ted surrounded by so much pink, but hey, it was the 90’s!

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Keanu Reeves might have made the big time in The Matrix, but back in the 80’s, he was a huge star in the commercial world! Check out this old Coke commercial where Reeves scores an inspiring comeback in a bike race thanks to the incredible power of Coca-Cola.


Who is that hunk enjoying Pringles potato chips on the beach in this old commercial? Why, it’s two-time Sexiest Man Alive recipient Brad Pitt! Good thing those chips didn’t go straight to his thighs.


The breakout star of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul got his start in this commercial for Kellogg’s Corn Pops. Maybe his character Jesse Pinkman was selling meth to fund his Pops addiction?

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Even Oscar winners have to start somewhere! Leonardo DiCaprio made some dough in his early career by starring in a series of Honda commercials. Wondering why you don’t remember them? They were made exclusively for Japan.

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