Three Tips to Build a Great Performing Resume!

Just like anyone hiring to fill a position, the first things a casting director will see are your resume and your headshot. We’ve written before about how to get a killer headshot, but many actors overlook the importance of having an awesome resume.  Your resume is your chance to show off what you’ve done, and highlight why you would be a perfect fit for the role. But not all resumes are created equal. We here at ClaimFame know how overwhelming it can be to submit your history to casting directors, so here’s three simple tips to make a great first impression!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

  1. Use a simple clean format

It can be tempting to really try and make your resume stand out by using extreme fonts or colors. In reality, this will only make casting directors throw your resume in the trash! Directors have to go through hundreds of resumes for every part, so if they can’t absorb your information within seconds of looking at it, they’ll give up. You should definitely make your resume appealing to the eye, but don’t go overboard.

  1. Use your special skills

After putting down your training and experience, make sure to save some space at the end of your resume for special skills you may have. These can be anything from gymnastics skills to stage combat to juggling and clowning skills. Even something as simple as a valid drivers licence can be put down! This is your chance to really stand out from the crowd, and show the casting director what only you can bring to the table.

  1. Don’t Exaggerate … Or Lie


It can be tempting to fluff up your resume with exaggerations to try and make yourself look better. Be careful though! There’s nothing casting directors hate more than finding out you can’t do what they hired you for and having to start the entire casting process over. Don’t become known in the casting world for the wrong reasons!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

Along with your headshot, your resume is the best tool in your arsenal for applying to parts. Start browsing ClaimFame’s hundreds of casting calls to find your big break today, and stay tuned to our blog for even more tips and tricks to supercharge your career!

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