3 Ways to De-Stress at the Audition!

Auditioning can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. You have to get up in front of strangers and put on your best performance to get the part. But heading to the audition doesn’t have to be such a stressful event! Here at ClaimFame, we want you to be the successful superstar you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s 3 ways to keep stress and anxiety out of the audition process.

  1. Be Prepared

This may seem like obvious advice, but many actors take it for granted. Before heading out to the audition, make sure that you know your audition materials inside and out. Do a runthrough of your monologue, take a second glance at your sides, or speed through your dance choreography. The more confident you are before stepping in the room, the better your performance will be!

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  1. Warm up!

Just like sports, acting auditions are taxing physically as well as mentally. Take at least 15 minutes before your audition to make sure both your body and mind are loose, warm and ready to go. Find a quiet spot to listen to your favorite song, or run through a quick yoga routine. Even though you might not think you need it, your subconscious will thank you! Check out this post from takelessons.com for some examples of great audition warm ups. 

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  1. Reward yourself!

Taking care of yourself doesn’t end when you step out of the audition! Make sure to give yourself a treat or reward after the audition. Go to your favorite restaurant for lunch, or take the scenic route home to decompress. Don’t forget, auditioning is hard! Your body and mind will thank you for the attention.

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Casting directors can tell the minute an actor steps in the room how they are feeling about themselves. Use these tips to clear your mind and let yourself be the actor you know you can be. Don’t forget to visit ClaimFame for hundreds of auditions and casting calls everyday. Stay chill!

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