Three Tips to Become A Superstar Model!

Modeling can seem like an easy gig, but there’s so much going on behind the scenes that you may not realize. Professional models know that their craft requires practice and commitment, and very few models become famous overnight. Here at ClaimFame, we know that anyone can be a model if they really want it. Here’s some insider tips to give you a leg up before you hit the runway.

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  1. Love that mirror!

Just because modeling doesn’t require you to memorize lines or learn intense choreography doesn’t mean you can’t practice and improve your skills! Spend some time in front of the mirror each day and figure out what looks work for you. Become comfortable looking at yourself so you can become comfortable when strangers are the ones looking. This can also be an opportunity to experiment with hair and makeup. Find an alternative look that no one’s had before and stand out from the crowd!

  1. Keep your spine straight!

Unless a director specifically asks for it, make sure you never catch yourself slouching while modeling. You’ll look so much more stylish and intense in your pics by elongating your neck and spine. This will also help you on the runway, as your great posture will translate into an incredible walk. So next time you’re sitting in a waiting room or stuck in traffic, practice keeping the spine upright and powerful!


  1. Don’t forget about the eyes!

It may seem like your body is the most important thing casting directors look for, but secretly, they’re looking for your eyes! By putting intention behind them, your eyes become the center of emotion and tell a story to the audience. So don’t zone out while the camera is on you! Having a personality behind your eyes can make or break your career.

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

It’s easier than you think to become a model! Check out all of the modeling auditions and casting calls here at ClaimFame, and we’ll see you on America’s Next Top Model!

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