These Webseries Made It To The Big Leagues!

Webseries, short television shows self published on video hosting services like YouTube, are the front lines of the new media revolution. We have tons of webseries posting on ClaimFame every day. It can seem easy to skip over them, but hold on! There are many webseries that have made the jump from low-budget passion project to mainstream TV. Here’s just a few webseries that have become popular TV programs, catapulting their creators to superstardom!

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Broad City


After getting rejected from house teams at the prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer decided to strike out on their own. They created a series of short videos titled Broad City about the crazy situations they found themselves in New York City. It gained momentum and eventually caught the attention of producer Amy Poehler, who led it to become one of the most popular shows on Comedy Central!

Drunk History


Derek Waters was a writer in LA with a simple idea: get comedians drunk and have them reenact historical events. The subsequent webseries went viral, and the antics of John C. Riley playing Nikola Tesla or Jack Black as Benjamin Franklin captivated millions. Comedy Central picked it up as a TV show, and it is attracting bigger and bigger stars every season. Look out for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s drunk retelling of Hamilton!

High Maintenance


This Vimeo webseries about the antics of a marijuana deliveryman managed to provide big laughs on a small budget. Each episode costs less than $1,000 to make! The show is now getting a 6 episode run on HBO in the fall. Sounds like they’ll make their budget back pretty easily!

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So don’t be so judgemental when you see the word webseries.It could be your ticket to fame! Check out ClaimFame’s webseries casting calls today, and we’ll see you on YouTube!

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