Four Acting Blogs to Supercharge Your Career!

Even if you aren’t currently in a production, there’s so many ways to keep moving forward in your acting career! Taking classes and reading scripts is a great way to keep yourself moving forward, but there are also tons of resources on the web that can help you navigate the industry. Once you’re done checking out all the great posts here at ClaimFame, here are a few more blogs and websites that can help educate and give you the upper hand next time you go in for an audition.

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Broadway Stars

Do you see yourself singing your heart out on the Broadway stage? Broadway Stars is one of the NY theatre scene’s biggest news sites, and they have tons of articles and interviews about  what’s hot on stage. You’ll learn what directors and actors are up and coming, and they feature a ton of news about Off-Broadway shows too!


Heat Vision

This Hollywood Reporter blog focuses its eye on blockbusters, sci-fi, and superhero films. These once niche genres make up the biggest movies in the world, and they’re constantly casting here on ClaimFame. Get educated about what’s coming next in the world of tights and fights!

Daily Actor

This blog is great for those tips and tricks that real professional actors use to get the job.From interviews with stars like Margot Robbie and Walton Goggins to info on proper voice-over technique, Daily Actor can be a great resource for those just starting out.


The LA Actor’s Blog

Wanna know what it’s really like in Los Angeles? The LA Actor’s Blog will give you the inside scoop on what being an actor in Hollywood is really like. Get informed before you move across the country!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

Thanks to the internet, info and education about acting is no longer just available to the elite! Once you’re done brushing up your skills, check ClaimFame’s hundreds of auditions and casting calls.

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