How to Pick the Perfect Audition Monologue!

Many times in an audition, the casting director will ask you to bring in a monologue. These 1-2 minute speeches can help show your range as an actor, but it is more difficult than when a director just tells you what sides to audition with. But how do you pick from the thousands of monologues available? Keep reading as we here at ClaimFame help you pick the perfect audition piece.

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Follow the instructions!

Make sure you read the audition notice so you come in with a monologue that matches what the casting directors are looking for. A comedic monologue will generally be from a comedy, while a dramatic will be from, you guessed it, a drama. However, this isn’t written in stone as many dramas will have a comic character or a comedy might have a serious dramatic moment. The casting call may also specify whether the monologue should be classical or contemporary. The rule of thumb is that classical refers to all theatrical work before the 20th century, which includes Shakespeare and Greek tragedies. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be ahead of the game!

Pick what is right for you!

Make sure your monologue choice represents you as an actor. Choose a piece that corresponds with the gender you identify as and your age. If you’re in your 20’s, maybe it’s not time to pull out your Willy Loman speech from Death of a Salesman. Even if you were playing a part that you aren’t the age or gender for in school or in community theatre, professional productions are looking to cast you as you are in the moment.


Read the entire piece

Make sure you read the entire play or screenplay your monologue comes from. I know this seems like it will take forever, but knowing the whole story will allow you to make informed choices in your performance. Not to mention, there’s nothing more embarrassing than if the casting director says that they love the play and then asks you what your favorite part is!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

Picking a monologue is stressful, but remember. Once you have a library of audition pieces, you can use them for multiple auditions. Ready to try out? Check out ClaimFame for hundreds of auditions and casting calls today!

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