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Learn How To Become A Voice Actor Today!

Voice acting is so much more than being a character in the latest Pixar movie. Audiobooks, commercials, and web series all need new and talented performers to help them bring their vision to life. We here at ClaimFame know how crazy breaking into the voiceover industry can be, so we’ve come up with some tips about how to become the next audio auteur!

Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!


  1. Make your demo (with the right equipment!)

No matter how great your voice is, you won’t get very far if you don’t put it on tape. Record a demo reel that you can put on YouTube to show to agents and casting directors. Keep it short, and make sure to show off the exact type of work you want to get. Don’t forget to invest in a nice microphone for your recording. It may seem tempting to just use your phone or laptop’s built in mic, but the poor sound quality will hurt your final recording!

  1. Focus on one industry.

Take a moment to listen to your own voice and think about what area of voice acting you fit best into. Do you love doing impressions and wacky voices? Go into animation! Are you always being complimented on your smooth, soothing voice? You were made for audiobooks! It can be tempting to try and become a jack of all trades, but you’ll do better in the long run by focusing on a single industry.

  1. Don’t forget to act!

We’ve all been in a meeting with someone whose voice makes us want to fall asleep. Make sure you’re putting your acting skills to work while recording your reel, and put your entire focus on the piece at hand. Pixar and Dreamworks directors are famous for encouraging their actors to use their whole bodies while recording their voices, and will even take some of the physical actions that they do and draw them into the film!


Start Applying To Casting Calls Now!

Voice acting can be a great gig that you can do from anywhere in the country. As long as you’ve got a mic and a voice, you can be a VO superstar! For more tips on voice acting, check out Dee Bradley Baker’s website I Want To Be A Voice Actor. He’s the voice of Klaus on American Dad and a ton of the background characters on Spongebob, so he knows his stuff. And don’t forget to visit ClaimFame for tons of voiceover auditions and casting calls!

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