Never Been on a Cruise Ship Before? Here’s Your Chance! Psst, All Expenses are Paid!

Imagine leaving Miami on board Carnivals BIGGEST ship, the Carnival Vista, stepping on for the very first time to experience cruising and 7 days of ultimate luxury all while visiting fun places like Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman islands and the party city of Cozumel, all while having a camera crew following and documenting your entire trip? Producers of “CruiseWeek” Season 2 are looking to cast 5 guys and girls, 21-28 years old, who have never been on a cruise ship before. You will be sailing out of one of Miami on the Carnival Vista headed for the Caribbean, it will be a 7 day voyage with stops along the way. Here’s the perfect opportunity to experience foreign countries and all the fun things a cruise ship has to offer all while getting to bond with your new roommates for the week. And the whole experience will be live streamed and documented!

If interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity, just click here and apply!

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