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Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Watch: It’s Your Time to Shine on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

Hi, I’m Mason O’Brien your Casting Coach at ClaimFame.com and today I have the opportunity you have been waiting for! AMC’s “The Walking Dead“is casting extras! African-American actresses ages 18-20 are needed on set ASAP! Make sure to go to ClaimFame.com right now, upload your headshot and resume, and let’s get you on set! For more coaching......

Watch: What Will You See at the Box Office this Memorial Day Weekend? 

Hi, I’m Mason O’Brien your Casting Coach at ClaimFame.com and this Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of the summer blockbuster season. What are you excited to see? George Clooney’s “Tomorrowland” is being released but “Poltergeist” might be a dark horse in the race for number 1. Don’t count out “Mad Max” and “Pitch Perfect......