“Drop Dead Diva” Now Casting



Project Description:

Season 6 of Drop Dead Diva is underway. Casting Directors are looking for School Board Members, 30-50 years old. Professional, upper crust, education types. Send in 3 recent, clear photos in professional clothing(preferably one close-up, one full body, and one medium shot). Include your name, age, height, weight, measurements and contact information.  Work date Friday, Jan. 24th. They’re also looking for police types ages 26-50 years old. Height 5’10 to 6’2, Jacket 42-46, broad shoulders, commanding presence. Can come clean shaven or just with mustache. Work one day between the 20th-24th. Please submit 3 recent, clear photos with your name, age, height, weight, and measurements to the email below. Looking for parent types, ages 26-34. Ethnically diverse of a lower income bracket. Dress down in your pictures. On or about work date on Friday, Jan 24th in Peachtree City.

Here’s how to get cast:
Email: sd6.diva@gmail.com
Subject: School Board
Email: sd6.diva@gmail.com
Subject: Police
Email: sd6.diva@gmail.com
Subject: Parents
DO NOT SUBMIT IF ALREADY SUBMITTED FOR THIS ROLE. Email 3 recent, clear photos with your age, height, weight, measurements, and contact information.

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