Ladies! Star in a Quimtime Music Video


New YorkFilm, Web Series, Music Video

Project Description:

2 Dancers and 15-20 extras needed for music video shoot for the artist Quimtime. Song: “Talk is Cheap.” Production Company: Sushi Wheels
Shoot Date: Friday April 10, 2014
Audition Date: Saturday March 8, 2014 (Evening)
Synopsis: Throughout the video we will see Quimtime and his producer Teddy Powell taking a magic carpet ride. This involves a green screen shooting, wardrobe, makeup and design. Two girls dressed in saris blow in like Aladdin. space, the desert. Going down 6th ave. Two girls begin to dance and eventually turn into wearing bikinis. The video beginnings in elevator and ends in elevator.

2 Featured Ladies Dancers
Age: 18-35
Race: Any
Must have great body, seductive , shapely.
Needs to be comfortable with her body and being partially nude.
Unique look appreciated (tattoos, hairstyles etc.)
15-20 party females
Age: 21s and up
Race: Any
Unique look appreciated (tattoos, hairstyles etc.)
Rate: None

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